Meetings and Events

At our monthly meetings members have the opportunity to discuss a variety of beekeeping issues and ideas. We try to include a presentation spot focusing on key topics such as swarm control, queen rearing and varroa, or talks/demonstrations from guest speakers.

Meetings are held at the Fleetwood Hesketh Social Club, Fylde Road, Marshside PR9 9XH

Next branch meeting: Thursday 9th December 2021 at 7.30pm

Quiz Night: Fun bee-themed quiz

Forthcoming Events

Bank Hall, Bretherton - Sunday 12th September 2021

Southport Beekeepers will be attending the Bank Hall Open Day from 12 noon to 4pm

There will be local honey for sale, a demonstration hive on display, as well as an observation hive where you will be able to view live honey bees.

More details on the Open Day can be found at

There are also regular events at other branches of the Lancashire & North West Beekeepers Association that are open to us to attend. To find out what is available visit the Lancashire Beekeepers website