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The National Bee Unit, BEE BASE has an e-learning platform with six modules covering 6 key topics. Exotic threats, Foul brood, Varroa, Adult bee diseases and viruses, Other brood disorders, Other pests. All you have to do is register free with bee base. Once you have your log in information log into bee base and click on the E-Learning tab on the left hand side. You can then start working through the interactive modules and have a go at the quiz at the end to test your knowledge. Just follow this link and register.

Click on the links below to watch some fascinating bee videos

Hornet cooked by bees ( 3.42 min Video)

Housing a Swarm using the White Sheet Technique (3.17min Video)

Social Bees 1 (4.12 min video)

Social Bees 2 (4.24min video)

Life Cycle of Bees (10 min video)

Waggle Dance (1.55min video)

Hygienic Bees (4.56 min video)