At our regular monthly meetings members have the opportunity to discuss a variety of beekeeping issues and ideas.  We try to include a presentation spot focusing in key topics such as swarm control, queen rearing and varroa, or talks/demonstrations from guest speakers.

Date: Thursday 11th June 7:30pm
Topic: To be confirmed
Venue: Fleetwood Hesketh Social Club, Fylde Road, Marshside PR9 9XH 

Events and Training Sessions for 2019

There are also regular events at other Lancashire districts that are open to us to attend.

BBKA Training

The BBKA supports two training styles. For the practical approach there’s the Basic Certificate and the General Husbandry assessment. And for study/exams there are the Modules 1-8 which covers the following topics;

Module 1 - Management
Module 2 - Products & Forage

Module 3 - Pests, Diseases & Poisoning 

Module 5 - Biology
Module 6 - Behaviour
Module 7 - Selection & Breeding
Module 8 - Management, Health & History

The Basic Certificate - the syllabus covers the knowledge that really is the basis for any beekeeper to be successful. It can be a very rewarding experience to confirm your knowledge by passing the Basic. Attending a Basic Preparation Course provides an ideal refresher of your key knowledge, which is helpful at the start of the season.